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Chemical Dependency &

Additions Therapist

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Chemical Dependency &

Additions Therapist


Porter-Starke/Porter County Jail Chemical Dependency & Addiction Program


The Chemical Dependency and Addictions Program provides counseling services and substance abuse education to incarcerated male and female inmates. In 2002, Porter-Starke Services and the Porter County Sheriff’s Department collaborated in the development of a Cognitive Behavioral Treatment Program focusing on the addiction thought process and criminal behavior. The 10-week, 45-hour treatment program is facilitated by three Porter-Starke chemical dependency and addictions therapists dedicated to assisting incarcerated individuals overcome their addiction while restructuring the thought and behavioral process. The Porter County Jail CD&A program focuses on self-awareness and self-improvement through individual commitment to change criminal thinking and addictive behavior. The individual develops skills to manage stress, anger, and cravings, appropriate ways to deal with triggers, as well as critical reasoning and decision-making skills. Upon successful completion of the program, offenders attend and participate in a graduation ceremony in which they are encouraged to share an individual “Goodbye Letter” to his or her drug of choice. This letter reflects the negative impact drugs have had on their lives and their motivation for change. Graduation ceremony guests are encouraged to share a few words supporting the offender’s recovery and their successful transition into society.


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