Porter County Jail

Jail Commissary

Share your news instantly with Jail Voicemail

Porter County Jail is now offering Jail Voicemail,

the fastest way to share important news with your incarcerated friend or family member.

Call 219-707-8200 to leave a voicemail.


Secure Instant Mail

With Secure Instant Mail's electronic mail delivery, friends and family members can

send electronic messages from any computer every day to detainees

in the Porter County Jail. 

To find out more about how to participate in Secure Instant Mail program,



GovPayExp Credit/Debt Card Bail Payments Website

PDF Form and Fact Sheet



The My Care Pack.com website enables inmate’s friends and family to deposit money on an inmate’s behalf. This revolutionary site is hosted through a partnership between Asys Networks and Canteen Correctional Services, one of the largest food service and commissary providers in the country. This site can be a huge benefit for the families of inmates because it overcomes the inconvenience of obtaining and mailing and/or dropping off a money order at the facility. Money deposits (called Gift Cards) that are made on mycarepack.com will be automatically placed on the inmates account in the inmate banking system at the facility just like deposits that are dropped off or mailed. 


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