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Smartwater will be given to seniors in Porter County to help in matters of theft and burglary.


Water is newest weapon against thefts


June 03, 2014 Bob Kasarda nwi.com 


Porter County Sheriff Dave Lain believes he has found a new weapon in combating theft and it involves little more than water.

His department became the second in the nation to invest in Smartwater CSI, which is water containing 30 rare elements that provides a forensic signature to any item on which it is applied, Lain said.

The department used proceeds from the jail commissary to purchase 150 vials of Smartwater CSI at a cost of $35 each that the Porter County Triad group will distribute to senor citizens throughout the county, he said.

Recipients will be encouraged to apply the water to their electronic devices, jewelry and other valuables so that -- if they are ever stolen -- they can later be identified and traced back to the owner using an ultraviolet light and database maintained in the United Kingdom.

Recipients will also receive a sticker identifying their items as marked by Smartwater CSI, which will serve as a deterrent for potential thieves as word of the product spreads, he said.

"We can add peace of mind to seniors in Porter County," Lain said.

Smartwater CSI has been in use for 17 years in the United Kingdom where it was developed, Rob Shuster, vice president of training and protective services for AFIMAC United States told the members of the Porter County Triad senior services group Tuesday.

The combinations provide more than a billion forensic signatures unique to each recipient, he said. The water is nearly invisible, except with the use of a UV light, is resistant to being washed off and lasts up to five years, Shuster said.

While individuals can purchase home kits online for $100, Lain said he plans to educate other police departments and alarm companies to widen use of the product.

Shuster said there were significant decreases in thefts where the product was used in Fort Lauderdale, Fla.

"When they know what it is, they will go somewhere else," he said of potential thieves.


Rob Schuster, from AFIMAC, introduces SmartWater to members of TRIAD.

Rob Schuster, from AFIMAC, introduced SmartWater on Tuesday to members of TRIAD.

Shining a light on this coin treated with SmartWater reveals evidence of its presence.


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