Holiday / Mall Safety

Criminals are opportunists—they want the easy hit. If they wanted to work, they’d have a job!


  • Find a busy, well-lit section of the parking lot
  • Look around before you get out
  • When you exit, walk with confidence!
  • Make eye contact with people who approach
  • While in the lot, keep your keys in your hand
  • Don’t put name or address on key ring
  • Don’t flaunt cash or jewelry
  • Tuck purse under your arm
  • Use credit cards rather than cash
  • Keep packages out of sight

If you are a victim

  • Don’t resist! Robbers want stuff not you
  • Best defensive spray is mixture of cs/oc
  • Call 911 from scene, not when you get home
  • Do not leave scene with bad guy

While you are away from home

  • Lock your house—½ of burglars just walk in!
  • Make your home look and sound occupied

Plan to be okay

  • Let someone know your itinerary
  • Keep a charged cell phone with you
  • Use your instincts!
  • Be aware!

Have a safe and wonderful Holiday!