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Crime Stays same in '09


Porter County Sheriff David Lain runs over this year's Porter County crime statistics Tuesday,

as well as future preventative programs, during a press conference.


County crime rate stays same in '09

By Ken Kosky | Posted: Wednesday, February 24, 2010

VALPARAISO | The Porter County Sheriff's Department 2009 annual report shows the crime rate remained virtually unchanged last year.

The just-released report shows there were 1,319 major crimes during 2009, one more than the year before. If the minor crimes are factored in, crime actually decreased 3 percent.

"Porter County is a great place to live," Porter County Sheriff David Lain said.

"With roughly 60,000 to 70,000 people in unincorporated Porter County (the portion, outside the cities and towns, served by the Sheriff's Department), few of them -- relatively speaking -- are touched by crime."

He said officers are doing a good job "keeping the bad guys away from the good guys."

There were two homicides in 2009, one more than the year before. Police said the homicides include one in which an elderly South Haven man was killed by his younger girlfriend, and one in which a Morgan Township man was killed while driving around with and arguing with his father. No charges have been filed in that slaying, which was just recently official ruled a homicide.

Two rapes were reported, the same as the year before. There was one robbery, one less than the year before.

Incidents of battery and theft decreased, while cases of vehicle theft and burglary increased. Lain said some prolific burglars were out committing numerous daytime home burglaries, and police responded by putting out extra patrols and by asking the public to report suspicious activity. Lain said some arrests were made and burglaries are down substantially so far in 2010.

Lain said 2009 saw the deployment of a "flex team," a group of officers who are freed from regular duties so they can address the problem of the day, like the home burglaries.

The department plans to unveil the Citizen Observer program -- an electronic connection between police and the public. People can sign up to receive updates via e-mail or text message, and they can see crime mapping online to learn where crimes are occurring. They can also share information with police. In addition, authorities are kicking off a program to encourage people to get to know their immediate neighbors to the north, south, east and west. The goal of that program is to get people to look out for each other.

Chief Deputy Doug Snider said the Sheriff's Department serves about twice the population and covers 10 times the area of either of the city departments in Porter County, and does it with about the same amount of manpower as each city department. Still, the Sheriff's Department has favorable crime statistics each year.

"We're proud of that," Snider said.

The 2009 annual report also showed a decrease in accidents, and an increase in traffic stops and arrests. Statistics from Porter County Jail show overcrowding remains a problem, with the average daily jail population increasing from 377 in 2008 to 405 in 2009.

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