Scholarship Program

Tim Hecht Scholarship Program

A Memorial to All Fallen Law Enforcement Officers of Porter County, Indiana Three (3) $750 Grants


OBJECTIVE: The objective of this program is to provide financial assistance to worthy students who have an interest in a law enforcement career after receiving post secondary education.  The major factors in evaluating applicants are career objective, financial need and the insight gained from the letter written by applicants requesting consideration.



A.     Applicant maintained an overall “C” or better grade average during the past two school years.

B.     Applicant must intend to choose Criminal Justice, Law Enforcement, Pre-Law or other similar course of study as a “major” or primary area of study.

C.     Applicant must be a Senior attending a high school in Porter County, Indiana



D.  A typed letter in which the applicant will discuss the following subjects:

     1.   Why he/she wants to pursue a career in Law Enforcement.

      2.  Hobbies, interests and personal achievements.

      3.   Career objectives- short and long term.

      4.  Name of school, college or university applicant plans to attend and why chosen.

      5.  Relative importance of financial assistance.

E.      A transcript of school records.

F.      Two letters of recommendation (from other than a relative).  One must be a teacher.

G.     A copy of a Letter of Acceptance from the intended school.




Tim Hecht Scholarship Program Grants

Ariadyn B. Bisacky

Ryan Frame

Trevor Spangenberg

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