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Fraternal Order of Police


The Fraternal Order of Police is the oldest and largest law enforcement organization in the world.


Founded in 1915, in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, the FOP has grown to over 325,000 members with affiliat lodges in Canada and Ireland.


The Porter County Fraternal Order of Police “Ewalt Jantz Lodge #165” was formed in 1973 and represents over 19 agencies with over 124 active members.  Our lodge is dedicated to the public and we cannot succeed without the support of the public that we proudly serve.


Our issues, while varied and oftentimes complex, simply to seek to rid the street of criminals and provide the best working environment for those that employ themselves in that endeavor.


Why/Who is Ewalt Jantz?

 Ewalt Jantz, at the time of the charter, was the oldest living deputy on the Porter County Sheriff’s Department.  Upon the lodges charter year, Ewalt was employed for the PCSD and was working in the jail.  Ewalt Jantz served as Chief Deputy at one point, and was loved by everyone.  Stories have been told that he was a Cop for the Cop’s and would have your back on any occasion.     







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