Foot Pursuit 5K

Run & Walk


9th Annual Foot Pursuit 5k Run & Walk

Saturday, March 1st

Race 9:00 a.m.

Registration 7:30-8:45

From SR 49: go west on US 6 to Meridian Road. 

Turn south on Meridian Rd, Sunset Hill entrance is approximately mile south of US 6.

From SR 130:  In Valparaiso, turn north onto Campbell Rd.

Campbell becomes Meridian Rd, and Sunset Hill will be mile north of county road 700 N.

From US 6 west of Valparaiso:  go east from SR 149.

Meridian road is 2 miles east of SR 149. 

Turn south on Meridian, Sunset Hill is mile south of US 6.

From US 30:  Go east or west to SR 49. 

Take SR 49 North until US 6. 

Take US 6 west until Meridian Rd, go south on Meridian to Sunset Hill Park.

For all directions look for Sunset Hill County Park  --- 775 N Meridian Rd

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